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Can I take / pass the CSCI 102 placement exam if I took ITP 115?

If you took ITP 115 and now want to take CSCI 103 (perhaps for fun or because you added a CSCI major / minor), you would need to take CSCI 102 first. However, there is a CSCI 102 placement exam to pass out of CSCI 102. The CSCI 102 placement exam covers fundamental topics in programming, and it can be completed in Java or C++.

If you have developed a strong grasp of the concepts of ITP 115, it definitely worth trying to pass the placement exam. It will require translating the core topics covered in ITP 115 from Python into C++ or Java (I’d recommend going with C++ since CSCI 103 is also taught in C++).

It can seem overwhelming to learn a new language, but many of the core fundamentals are the same and it is actually really common for programmers to switch and learn new languages. The key things you want to cover are 1) syntax of C++, and 2) places where C++ differs strongly from Python (in introductory topics). Here are some topics you can be on the lookout for:

    1. Basic syntax
    2. “Typing”: Python is dynamically typed whereas C++ is strictly typed
    3. Function parameters: C++ has more way you can pass arguments to a function
    4. C++ is compiled, not interpreted like Python
    5. C++ IDE isn’t PyCharm. One common IDEs for C++ is Visual Studio Code

I’ve created and gathered together some resources that might be helpful