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Course Content for ITP 348 (Introduction to Physical Computing)

ITP 348 (Introduction to Physical Computing) is an introductory electronics and IoT (Internet of Things) class. It serves as the core electronics course of ITP’s Connected Devices and Making minor, which teaching applied electronics skill to create “smart devices.”

In designing this course, I found it challenging to select the content and develop the appropriate depth. Our minor serves students with all majors and the only prerequisite is an introductory programming class (typically in Python). There are many excellent resources available, but much of it is geared for K-12 (too simple) or electrical engineering (too advanced).

I have received help from a great network of other faculty so I wanted to share the material I am developing in case it is helpful to anyone else. Also, the content is accessible for all users. I will be adding material through Dec 2019, and then it will remain available and updated in on-going semesters.

Course website:

GitHub repository:


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