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Extra Preparation for ITP 348

ITP 348 is a fun, hands-on class designed as a first electronics / wearables class. There are no prerequisites for math, physics, or electronics. The only expected preparation is an introductory programming course like ITP 115, ITP 165, ITP 168, or BME 210.

We will use the C++ programming language in ITP 348, but we will learn the syntax in the first two weeks. If you optionally want to prepare ahead of time, here are some resources to learn basic C++ syntax.

Key concepts to review for ITP 348

    • Variables
    • If statements
    • For loops
    • While loops
    • Functions

Concepts not relevant for ITP 348

    • Dictionaries
    • Input / output
    • File reading / writing
    • Classes / objects

I’ve created and gathered together some resources that might be helpful