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New Class – ITP 348 Introduction to Physical Computing

Learn how to create physical, internet-enabled devices

ITP 348 is a brand-new, hands-on course this Fall that introduces the concepts of physical computing systems, which are the basis for smart devices, wearables like smart watches, e-textiles / fashion, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and hardware start-ups.

What to expect

This course is designed specifically for a general audience and all majors. You will learn to design electronic devices that interact with the physical world. Assignments will use motion detectors, robotic arms, and electronic music generation.


ITP 109, ITP 115, ITP 165, ITP 168, or equivalent introductory programming class


Tues / Thurs @ 4-5:50pm


Email Professor Rob Parke (parke AT usc DOT edu) with any questions

Class link

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