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ITP 348 – Making Smart Devices and Wearables

ITP 348

Learn how to create smart devices

ITP 348 is a hands-on course where students build and program wearables like smart watches, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, e-textiles / fashion, and more!

What to expect

This course is designed specifically for all majors, and no prior experience with smart devices is necessary. You will learn to design electronic devices that interact with the physical world. Assignments include heart rate monitors, Bluetooth-controlled cars, and electronic music generation.

Check out last semester’s final projects!


Most introductory programming courses (or equivalent knowledge) will be considered including ITP 115, ITP 165, ITP 168, BME 210, CSCI 102, and CSCI 103.

Program / Minor Credit

This class is open to all students. In addition, counts for the Computer Programming and the Connected Devices and Making minors.

This class also counts as a technical elective and design elective for some engineering majors (including AME and BME).


Email Professor Rob Parke ( with any questions

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