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Learning Python is great!

Python is a wonderful language to learn. When I first had to teach Python, I found programming to be fun in a way it hadn’t been before.
Since the syntax is more friendly and understandable, it makes it easier to learn core programming concepts.
Quick note: There seem to be two different approaches to learning / using Python
      1. Using the Python language in a classical programming manner. This is my approach since my goal is to teach introductory students programming concepts.
      2. Using a Pythonic approach where really cool features of the language are utilized to achieve some elegant feats in a few short lines. This approach is great as well but I am less familiar with.

Resources to learn Python

Some of the tutorials have interactive places where you can write python code which is great. Eventually, though, you’ll probably want to code locally on your computer. I recommend using an IDE (visual) program for beginners and avoiding the “command” line approach. For instructions on how to set that up, I included a PDF I created for my class.
Feel free to comment with any other recommendations.Python and Pycharm Installation

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