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Creating Accessible, Open Educational Resources

In a previous post I detailed some ways for creating open, accessible curriculum and my specific goals / requirements. I have now implemented a system for a new class so I wanted to do describe my approach. I don’t presume this is the best approach, but it (mostly) fits my requirements.

Course website:
GitHub repository:

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Exploring How to Develop Accessible, Open-Source Curriculum

I’m teaching a new course in electronics / internet of things (IoT), and I would like to share the content publicly. In addition, I would like the content to be accessible for all users. As such, I’m looking to migrate from PowerPoint (which I really enjoy using). This post serves as a memory stone for myself of the options (circa Aug 2019).

Special thanks to Ryan Straight for all his suggestions!

My desired features are

    • accessible output (lecture notes and slides)
    • limit extra work (single file for publishable lecture notes and in-class slide presentations)
    • easy to edit (when editing lecture notes, I want to focus on the content not the formatting or markup)
    • a reliable tool that has community support and will exist in the future
    • easy to convert notes to slides (ideally an add-on for the editor I’m using, but at least it should be a quick conversion that can be run)
    • drag and drop support for images (a bonus)
    • compatible with GitHub readable markdown (since I want to make the content open-source. Ideally I would like it to automatically create GitHub HTML pages. For now, GitHub readable markdown is fine)
    • able to make illustrations / flowcharts / line drawings

Here are my preliminary findings. Note this is based on a couple of weeks of experimenting and subject revision.

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